About Web Game List

Hello and welcome to my website Web Game List. My name is Chad Malcom and I love games and playing them both offline and online. Currently I study computer science at NYU and am gearing up towards a career gaming as that’s what I’m passionate about. I have a particular interest in the future of gaming and where technology and trends are heading such as towards VR (Virtual Reality) and augmented reality games. Oculus Rift may be popular now but I believe that we’ll see far far less intrusive and bulky technology in the years to come. Couple this technology with augmented reality and the future of gaming is not only bright but extremely exciting.

Originally I built this site as an internal project with the idea of keeping these links to my favorite sites to myself but I decided to build it out into a website and to share it actually as I believe others may benefit from some of these sites. If you’re into gaming I encourage you to take a look at some of these as you might find them interesting and valuable resources as well.

I’ve received queries from people about my site inquiring why I have gambling / online casino related links and topics of this nature on my site. We’ll first off it’s my website I can put whatever I want on it and in this case casino and gambling type sites are in-line with games as casino games such as slots, blackjack, poker are just that games like all others. If you don’t like gambling or games of chance you simply don’t need to play, and it’s a easy as that. If you have a problem with games of chance I suggest that you visit one of the other sites found in one of the other categories on my homepage and alternatively if that doesn’t suit you then please visit google and search for some reasonable alternatives.

If you find any broken links or issues with the content here on my site please send me an e-mail by clicking here. Please note that if you’re an advertiser I DO NOT sell, trade or exchange links so don’t waste your time or my own by e-mailing me and requesting such things as I’m simply not interested. In fact, all of these e-mails like these that I do receive will be deleted and marked as spam.