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 Thursday, April 24, 2014 featured games.

Bad Toys 3D is a 3D first-person shoot-'em-up that has funny graphics and sounds. Game Publisher Tibo Software

The first violent word game that you play in crossword puzzle fashion. - Shareware Game Publisher Stardock Systems

A new life of old freecell with an interesting innovations. - Freeware Game Publisher FreeGames4Rest

Serpengo is an addictive action puzzle game similar to Zuma and Snake. - Shareware Game Publisher PlayActive (a LavaMind Company)

Have funn with three games in on: Rainforest Sudoku - Shareware Game Publisher Gameyard

Only You and Lines Killer can rescue the world. - Shareware Game Publisher New Logical Games

Roulette software to help you understand how to win at roulette. - Freeware Game Publisher Win at Roulette

Bring the family garden to bloom again. - Shareware Game Publisher Playrix Entertainment

Sudoku For You - a tool for generating and solving, is now free for downloading. - Freeware Game Publisher LipoCodes

Spider Solitaire is one of the world's most popular versions of solitaire. - Freeware Game Publisher Solitaire


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