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Puzzles is the computer version of wooden inset puzzles. Published by Dataware. - Shareware Game Publisher Dataware

Eat leaves, flowers and veggies with the insect and avoid ghosts pacman style. - Shareware Game Publisher JokerCade

Move paint cans past obstacles. - Freeware Game Publisher Download Games Free

Collection of 7 wonderful games. - Limited Trial Game Publisher New Logical Games

Mixture of tetris/picture puzzles. - Shareware Game Publisher Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games

3d Billiard simulation game to learn and play billiard games with your friends. - Shareware Game Publisher Ixis Ltd

3D turret space shooter. 16 missions, Dozens of Enemies, Incredible gameplay. - Shareware Game Publisher Share-Games

Navigate your mouse through 50 crazy mazes while eating food and avoiding cats. - Shareware Game Publisher Red Land Games

Break through the brick brigades in 50 fun filled levels with many bonuses. - Shareware Game Publisher Red Land Games

Jigsaw puzzle game with solid pieces, allows you to make your own jigsaw puzzles - Shareware Game Publisher SoftAKGames


Featured Web Games

  • Net Sea War 4.0

    Net Sea War is a "battleship"-type board game you can play against computer or real-life opponents.

  • Ocean Puzzle

    Ocean Puzzle is a game for children to help them learn how to use the computer. - Shareware

  • Zen Puzzle Garden

    Guide a little monk around Japanese rock gardens to rake all of the sand. - Shareware

  • FunBoy

    Remake of a popular game, Pacman. You must eat all the pills on the maze. - Shareware

  • Clear It! 2.1

    This original and challenging shape-fitting puzzle game has excellent graphics and sound effects, and can be customised to create a zillion variants.

  • In The Round

    Solitare variation with new twist to strategy - Shareware

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